February 2017

We took part in the Troon Locality Decides Event on 25th February at the Walker Hall. We were bidding for £3000 to spend on informational sign posts and interactive rubbing posts. We were successful and are now working on the sign designs!


March 2017

We are thrilled to have received £200 from the Rotary Club of Troon. This will go towards the new information and rubbing posts for the woodlands.

We've also received funding from MacTaggart & Mickel, again all  going towards the total cost of signs.

The rubbing posts have been ordered and being made to order, hopefully we will have them in place mid April. 

 We have arranged to clear the burn behind Hunter Crescent in a first step to deal with the flooding issue.  Once we receive our licence to proceed we'll be getting to work! Funding for that has been generously provided by CCL North Irvine.

Finally, we've been working to prepare the glade area for the seed bombing event on 2nd April, and getting geared up to start the working parties from 9th April. It's  all go!

April 2017

We had a successful day at the Fairy Trail event. Lots of voluntary help which was most appreciated. Great fun selling raffle tickets and collecting donations. A great way to help us if you are not able to help with physical jobs on our working party days. Our next fundraising events are the BBQ in June,  then a bag pack in July.

We started renovating an old path, finding several old directional pointers which will be reused. We have gratefully received donated bark from WasteAway Ayrshire and it's being laid down along the entire path. This should be completed in May. See if you can find it!

May 2017

Have you noticed the new water height of the burn since we cleared it? It's an amazing difference but we will need to tackle the area inside the woodland next. We are applying for funding from a few places but it will take time to process and won't cover the full costs. So to top it up we need to fundraise in other ways! We are looking for prizes for our raffle at our BBQ evening on 24th June, and volunteers to help us with bag packing on 29th July. If you are able to help with either please get in touch! We hope that you can see the differences FOF are making to the woods for us all, can you help us to keep going???

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