We will be appearing at the next Troon Locality Decides Marketplace Event on Saturday 10th February at the Walker Hall. 10am-12noon.

This time we are bidding for the full £5000 grant to purchase and install a basket swing for the playground. This type of swing is recognised as being inclusive for those with disabilities; for little children up to older youths.  If successful, we will also purchase wheelchair friendly picnic benches, enabling a wheelchair user to sit at a bench alongside their friends or family rather than having to sit further back and feeling somewhat removed from a gathering. Funds will also stretch to a community notice board for all the stakeholders of the woodlands to display information for the public, and finally some paint so that we can add disabled parking bays to the car park.  


If you have never been before, it's a fabulous way to be involved in the decision making for all the local community groups and a great opportunity to see what groups are planning.  You'll receive a form detailing all the groups and their bids, then you work your way around each stall to hear their plans.  All you have to do is mark each bid on a scale of 1-5.  Not all groups are successful, and we know there's some tough competition, so if you can spare half an hour or so and of course a (pretty please) '5' for us, we will, on behalf of the woodland be very grateful! 

Next votes we need are for the months of March and April, every time you shop at Tesco, you'll be able to vote for one of three charity projects, obviously we would like you to vote for ours!  No carrier bag purchase required although you may have to ask the cashier for a token. We hope to get the top value of £4000 to purchase cherry trees to be planted with the help of other community groups, down the main pathway, re establishing what was once there before. 

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