Good works continue in the woodlands carried out  by East Ayrshire Woodlands, Scottish Wildlife Trust and ourselves, changes are very noticeable on a walk through the woodlands . A re-laying of drainage, resurfacing of paths and a community tree planting event all run during February and March.


The Friends of Fullarton and South Ayrshire Council are delighted to announce that East Ayrshire Woodlands have agreed to use Fullarton Woods as their training base from October 2018 through to summer 2019. This means that a team of 6 individuals will be being trained on a wide range of woodland management skills such as: path building, fencing, tree planting, brush clearing, and basic tree felling.
The work that the East Ayrshire Woodlands team will be doing in Fullarton Woods will provide a huge leap forward for the woodland. They will be chopping back a lot of rhododendrons (but not all of them) and other such shrubbery to allow replanting. Also, many of the dead & dying trees are going to be felled along with a campaign to thin out the dense tree canopy to allow planting of new trees. Several paths will be re-established and fences repaired. 

Please bear in mind that with all this work, the woods are going to look quite bare and scruffy. The soil can take over two years to recover from the presence of rhododendrons as their leaf litter & roots change the soil chemistry to prevent other species from flourishing. The felling operations will not be ‘clear felling’ but will target specific tree / areas. However, due to the age of the woodland, this will inevitably result in some empty pockets.

FoF are currently working on sourcing a large number of saplings (of mostly native species) to help repopulate the woodland following the tree felling. These trees should be planted over winter / spring.
When the team are working in the woodlands, please pay attention to any signs restricting access to areas as there may well be hazards arising from their work

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