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In 2015 we compiled these objectives, we have successfully worked through most of our short term plans and are currently working on medium to long term ones, and of course finding new things to tackle every week!

Short Term (1-2 years)

  •  Provide additional bins around the woods
  •  Provide additional benches around the woods
  •  Pick up litter.
  •  Carry out wildlife, bird, plant surveys (liaise with specialist organisations e.g. RSPB, British Ornithological Society)*
  • Set up a website
  • Start fundraising and accessing grants
  •  Utilise notice board on toilet block to list current & forthcoming projects & plans.
  •  Generate a long term development plan for the woods.o Engage the services of a specialist contractor to generate the plan and document. Document to be held and maintained (upgraded over the forthcoming years) by FoF and made freely available to Document to contain:
  • Planting strategies for trees
  • Options for coping with the poor drainage from the site
  • Suggestions for paths e.g. what types of paths and how to construct them.

Medium Term (2-7 years)

  • Plant trees
  •  Cut back rhododendrons
  • Repair/replace the tarmac sections of the path through the woods (beside Wilson Avenue and along from the Toilet Block) to allow access to the woods by mobility scooters, wheelchairs, prams.
  • Pick up litter
  •  Engage local groups (e.g. Scouts, Guides, DoE, OIR), schools, sports organisations and churches to use ensure the woods are used. Local astronomy group?
  •  Maintenance (e.g. litter picking, clearing around saplings, repairing paths)
  •  Generate natural fencing (e.g. willow, hedges) to guide paths.* Host events (BBQs, boot sales, concerts) at the woods? Will need to discuss this carefully with nearby resident.
  • Planting parties
  •  Upgrade play area to include facilities for disable children.
  • Adult exercise area in the same way as at Ayr Beach Park or Northfield Park?
  •  Install a trim-trail (exercise points for adults e.g. pull-ups, step-overs etc.) around the paths.
  • Signs around the wood e.g. directions, history, significant plants/trees
  •  Wildlife walks (day & night-time) 

Long Term (7+ years)

  • Part-time ranger to engage with schools, youth and elderly groups, run events
  •  Maintenance (litter picking, clearing around saplings, repairing paths)

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